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Alt Account Banning Policy

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  • A minimum of 2 weeks will be added to the original ban length for every account used to evade a ban on any of our servers.
  • Any accounts used to evade a ban will be banned for the same amount of time as the original banned account.
  • Admins reserve the right to add additional time depending on the circumstances.
  • Only appealed bans will be lifted.
  • At the time at which an appeal is allowed or afterward, a player may appeal for their other accounts to be unbanned, and if the "main" account is unbanned then the alts are as well.
  • Unbanning of all alt accounts will be done by an administrator or higher.
  • At the discretion of an admin, alternate accounts could remain banned if we believe that the person appealing isn't the actual owner.
  • Bans for the alt accounts will include the name of their "main" account.
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