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At CTA stations, the end of the track should be terminated with a pressure plate to trigger note blocks. Here's how you do it:


Step 1: Prepare tracks

Description Image
Starting tracks CTA Bell 1.png
Break 2 sections of track. Place a stone pressure plate on the first empty block, and another block (any type) on the second empty block. CTA Bell 2.png
Directly underneath the block containing the stone pressure plate, place redstone dust (for both tracks). This marks where your pressure plate is once you dig the room under the tracks. CTA Bell 3.png

Step 2: Dig bell room

Description Image
Dig down 3 blocks, so the roof is the same level as the tracks. The block containing the redstone should be 2 blocks above the floor of the room. CTA Bell 4.png
Dig out a room that contains both of the redstone "towers", and make it large enough (at least 10x20 blocks) CTA Bell 5.png

Step 3: Lay redstone

Description Image
Connect the two pieces of redstone into a single wire. CTA Bell 6.png
Create a fork partway through the wire, and fork it out to two pieces of wool. The wool is important, as it will make a bell noise. The redstone must be directed at the wool, otherwise, the bell will not work. CTA Bell 7.png
Do the same on the other side, except make the wool at least 5 blocks away from the wire. A delay circuit will go here, and it needs a little bit more room. CTA Bell 8.png
Place 2 blocks halfway in the wire you just made. Ideally, to get the most delay, the two blocks should be facing north-south. CTA Bell 9.png
Place redstone torches as shown. CTA Bell 10.png
Place redstone wire on the last block. CTA Bell 11.png
Place a block on top of the redstone torch as shown. CTA Bell 12.png

Step 4: Note blocks

Description Image
Place note blocks on each of the 4 wool blocks. CTA Bell 13.png
Tune the two note blocks not connected to the delay circuit to A (15 clicks) and E (10 clicks) as shown. CTA Bell 15.png
Tune the two note blocks connected to the delay circuit to F# (12 clicks) and C# (7 clicks) as shown. CTA Bell 16.png
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