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CTA Logo, stylized by SIDT

The Creative Transit Authority refers to a server-wide project to connect the Creative server via booster-powered minecart rails. It serves the purpose of an easy transport/sight-seeing system. It was founded on Creative Revision 11 by Goron40, LadyCailin, tbone510, and DJZG and has been present on every server revision since then, as well as making a short intrustion onto the Survival Server Revision 5.


Revision 33

Revision 33 started with a pre-made spawn station next to the main spawn building, where all four cardinal routes connected there. All lines consisted of the Yellow/North Line, The Red/South Line, the Blue/West Line, and the Green/East Line.


  • Challenger2


  • Abitcat
  • Dumbo52

Revision 28


Revision 28 started with a pre-made spawn station directly underneath spawn. All four cardinal lines, Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue connect there. Spawn station was constructed mostly by Challenger2, Tedbear and Trekman10.

The cardinal lines are currently under active construction.


  • Challenger2


  • Tedbear
  • Trekman10
  • Factorsofx
  • Nickeox

Revision 27

Following the incomplete CTA from Revision 26, the Creative Transit Authority found new life, and with it new guidelines. Employees*

  • Blondeydude
  • Mattthedude
  • Trekman10
  • Challenger2

*List may not reflect all contributions to the CTA

Transportation Overview

  • Spawn Station
  • Blue line
  • Yellow line
  • Red line
  • Orange line
  • Magenta Line
  • Brown Line (under construction)

Revision 18

  • Spawn Station
  • Blue line
  • Yellow line
  • Red line
  • White line

Revision 18 Notable Staff

Revision 17

CTA Central Station

Yellow Line

Blue Line

Green Line

Revision 17 Notable Staff

  • Goron40 (CEO)
  • Johnadams1735 (Manager)
  • Yagi_Takeru (Architect)
  • Tim9724

Revision 13

Map of Revision 13

CTA Map v13.png

Construction Guide

With the exception of major intersections or special stations, all subway stations should follow the following layout.

Sample Station

If you create a line, and would like it to become a part of the officially maintained CTA rail line, please leave a note at the CTA HQ, the first stop on the blue line. Your line will be reviewed to ensure that it meets our standards, and you will be assigned a color and then be included in our rail system. For realtime information about construction projects, please go to the CTA Tower.

Please do NOT create stations without CTA approval.

Track Building

Tracks should consist of entirely booster rail, and as a result, should have a concealed redstone torch every 17 blocks. Any elevated rails must have structural supports.

If two lines intersect, there should be an intersection station for players to transfer. If three or more lines intersect (or if the intersection is a significant landmark like the spawn), the station should be a hub station with multiple lines and platforms running through the same building. Make them epic.

Bankruptcy and Bailout

(Please note that the following is sarcasm and not intended to be taken seriously).

The CTA, after a class action lawsuit from all users on Creative, has declared bankruptcy. Other contributing factors to the financial demise of this great organization include fraud, corruption, derp, and mismanagement.


<Verros> cta is backrupt
<Verros> we got sued
<nsh22_> BY WHO?
<Verros> I shouldnt have tested them
<Verros> everyone on the map
<nsh22_> ah, class action
<Verros> there were like, "CTA went through our shit!"
<Verros> yes, class action
<Verros> well, it was fun while it lasted, eh?

And more proof of the corruption in the CTA and a possible bailout from the head admins:

<nsh22_> /msg verros well we can get a bunch of their money, lay off everone and run with the $$
<nsh22_> >.>
<\u03b5> I told you not to use mIRC nsh22_ 
<nsh22_> damnit

As of Creative Revision 17, the CTA has received a moderator bailout, and is once again running under the leadership of Goron40.

See also CTA Wallpapers.

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