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Server Creative
Map revision 10
Warp dome3
Coordinates -65, -1585
Lead theCroc

The Dome.

A 295 meter diameter glass dome that extends from lowest bedrock to sky limit. Approximately 4.5 million blocks were removed in a little over a week to create the 301 meter diameter pit in which the dome stands.


Current status

While the actual pit is finished there is still work to be done on the retaining walls around the dome as well as the glass dome itself. Some 70 layers of glass still have to be put in place. Besides the pit and glass the dome contains the dome subway station near the end of the Diamond Line. The station is suspended at the center of the dome with rail connections in all four directions in connection with a hub of the Creative Roads diamond road.

Future plans

The next step in the building process is to finish the glass dome and the retaining wall. After this roads and suspended walkways will be constructed in the city as well as a central tower housing the subway station and the dome builders memorial hall (Containing the names of the hundreds of players who helped on the project.) After this building spaces will be divided and handed out to players on the server according to some yet to be determined method.

Effect on the server

As the work at the dome has progressed a minor city has risen up around it. Several hotels and resorts (such as The Domeview) have been built facing the dome area, both above and under ground. The eastern border is littered with gigantic signposts with both political and whimsical messages.

In the course of working on the dome there arose the need for a functioning railway. To accomplish this a station design was worked out as well as a unified method of determining travel direction. Just like the single stop station developed on the iron line and redditon extention this four way hub design has become part of the basis for how the Metro Rail system works.

During the final stages of the dig a large amount of bedrock was accidentally changed to iron doors instead of the intended brick (To make it possible to remove) this change caused massive lag and forced the administrators to take the server offline while the problem was fixed.


Dome3 math.PNG

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