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Joining on Revision 13 on the Creative server, ROCKONN's claims to fame are his works involving Gundams, his pixel art, and various other builds.

List of builds I can remember making:

Rev 13: Standard Gundam head/small body. -430,1950

Rev 18: Full Scale model of the Gundam Heavyarms, minus the head. -1800,-1800

Rev 21: Various pixel art in the 8bit area, including several Gundam images & some Pokemon sprites. -2700,1800

Rev 21: Beginning works on a model of the Gundam Deathscythe, enclosed in glowstone structure. -714,-2500

Rev 21: Large scale steampunk-esque flying warship, 4/5 incomplete. 295, -1460

Rev 22: Full scale model of the Burning Gundam head. No details excluded. Back of head missing. Enclosed in wool. -1190,350

Rev 22: LARGEST MAN MADE PIXEL ART ON REDDIT TO DATE Full scale pixel art model of the Nu Gundam. Decided to build due to coincidence of reddit's ip ending in "nu." First built vertically, it could not fit on the map, even when brought to bedrock level. When 1/2 completed over 8bit, it blocked out all light over the area. Seen as an issue, it was moved to its current coordinates, then completed. A town called Shadow was begun underneath the Nu Gundam, also started by ROCKONN. His netherbrick mansion was not completed, but a hanger for another full scale Gundam model, the Burning Gundam, was begun underneath it. 2300,1900

Rev 23: A PSA roller coaster adventure, incomplete. Designed to be a message on how to improve your building style, paying attention to the little details. Plot is basically a death/afterlife/ressurection experience. 2500,2100

Rev 23: 8bit/Pixel Art works. Includes:

  SD (Super-deformed) Zeta Gundam 
  SD (Super-Deformed) Hi-Nu Gundam
     -Both of these border the 8bit warp sign
  Banjo, from Banjo-Kazooie
  Banjo, from Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
  Simon Belmont, Castlevania
  Sonia Belmont, Castlevania
  Trevor Belmont, Castlevania
  Graham Jones (human), Castlevania
  Graham Jones (monster), Castlevania (1/2 complete, fully visible from cartographer)
  Liger Zero, Zoids (Glowstone outline complete, all black, red, and gold sections completed)
  Gentleman, Pokemon
  Samurai/Pirate Head thing (just a doodle)(The one with the giant mustache)
  Green Earth Army Logo, Mech Unit, Infantry Unit, Advance Wars

ROCKONN attained the rank of Moderator during the first week of Revision 24.

Rev 24: Soltrix, City of Silence. Designed to be a town with two modes, a sleeping (off) mode & an awake (on) mode. It sits on the end of the CTA Yellow Line, with its own specialty train station underneath. The Yellow Line for this Rev, aside from its general layout, was designed by ROCKONN. The dimensions of the Yellow Line are meant to accomodate the model trains in the station under Soltrix. The Black Line begins at this station as well, and runs north to Verros' main build for this revision. It is also built to accomodate the trains under Soltrix.1030,-1300

More information on Soltrix, and images:

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