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[[Image:File:2014-11-30 11.04.08.png|200px]]
SirTacoface in front of Rev 27's spawn at holidays time.
Authority Cadmin
Favorite server Creative
Joined (about) February 26, 2014

SirTacoface is a creative admin and enjoys spending his quiet afternoons online helping people and what not. Not only does he play Creative, but he ventures onto PvE to chill with his Ambrosian friends!




Revision 27

  • Built Comatose's sequel, Rebirth! /warp rebirth
  • Built some spawn secrets for players to find at /spawn!
  • Became Cadmin and is now part of moving Creative forward!
  • Built several buildings in Pinkerton, GabeRios17's city.
  • Built a recreation of Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Kokiri Forest.

Revision 26

  • Thule 26 (helped GMMan_BZFlag)
  • Built the infamous parkour/puzzle, Comatose! Come if you dare to, /warp Comatose
  • Built several other parkour courses scattered across the map.
  • Created "Taco's Shitty Poetry Shack"; A great "library" full of the shitty poetry and stories SirTacoface has written.
  • Has helped GabeRios17 with several abstract art projects that also scatter the map.

Revision 25

  • Helped with GMMan_BZFlag's Thule Laboratories (Sort of)
  • Built a mini "taco lab" (very unfinished. Was mostly a test)
  • Helped with building Rustless Town (with elc1337)
  • Participated in single handedly watching JLTNG build most of his ships.


Revision 14

  • Finally decided to play PvE
  • Contributed to starting "ctown", a PvE town where the normal Creative players go.


  • He actually creates EDM (Electronic Dance Music) You can find his soundcloud here! If you don't have a Soundcloud, you are more than welcome to follow him here!

Oh and he has branched off to his own experimental/chillout electronic music you can find here:

  • The name SirTacoface comes from an old pal back in elementary school a long time ago. The name just stuck.
  • SirTacoface is also half deaf.
  • P.s. He is not related to tacodude03.
This user is a Minecrafter.
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