Purple Line

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Purple Line
Runs Around New Reddit City
Primary Hubs Goron Station in Goron Tower
Notable Stations Coastline Station

Purple Line is a rail that encircles the area of New Reddit City. It is a loop, so one can ride on it forever. The de facto start and end point is the hub at Goron Station. It goes from downtown NRC all the way out to the Highlands, and stops at various points across the city.


  • Construction: Completed sometime around the 26th of January 2011
  • Length: Approximately 1200 blocks.
  • Travel time: -needs to be measured-
  • Number of boosters: -needs to be counted-

How To Find Purple Line

Follow the Blue Line under the spawn to CTA tower, and continue along Blue Line to Goron Tower.

Future plans

There are no current further construction plans for the line.

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