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The purpose of this page is to provide a list of approved client mods that may be used on the servers. For now, this list will only be explicitly used and enforced on the Survival server, PvE's list of approved mods may be found at this link: We may include separate lists for Creative and/or PvE on this page directly in the future - for now use the Rules page and the lists below as guidelines for those servers.

This page is set up as follows:

  • Any client mod on the APPROVED list may be used by all players at all times. Download links will be provided when available.
  • Any client mod on the NOT APPROVED list may NOT be used on the server, period.
  • Any client mod not on either list is assumed to be NOT APPROVED. You may request approval of a client mod by contacting a survival admin or head admin [1] - provide a link to the mod download page - at which point the mod will be added to one of the lists.


Survival (

Survival Server
Survival logo.png
Current Map Revision: 26


  • Modloader [2]
  • Forge/FML [3]
  • LiteLoader [4]
  • Magic Launcher [5]
  • MultiMC [6]
  • SK's Launcher [7]
  • Purely Cosmetic Mods:
    • Shaders
    • Cape mods
    • Player Model Changing Mods
  • Waypoint/Minimap Mods: Player radar, mob radar, and cave mapping are not allowed.
    • Rei's Minimap [8]
    • Journeymap Fairplay Edition [9]
  • Optifine [10]
  • TooManyItems [11]
  • NotEnoughItems [12]
  • Togglesneak and togglesprint mods - however, no mods which let you sprint backward or sprint sideways while not moving forward as this is not achievable with a vanilla client. [13][14]
  • StatusEffectHUD [15]
  • ArmorStatusHUD [16]
  • AdvancedHUD [17]
  • Batty's Coordinates mod [18][19]
  • Saturation Display [20]
  • InGame Info / InGame Info XML [21]
  • Mouse Tweaks [22]
  • Slime chunk detection mods
  • Monster Spawn Highlighter [23]
  • bUpload [24]
  • TabbyChat [25]
  • Schematica: Print function feature has been disabled via server configs. [26]
  • WorldEdit CUI [27]
  • Watson [28]
  • VoxelMap


  • Any mods that provide noclip, invincibility, flying (in survival mode), speed modifications, duping, forcefield, no-swing, full-bright etc.
  • Any xray/ore-detection mods or wireframe texture packs
  • "Xray-like" mods/texture packs which reveal information about ores and other hidden items, such as Finder Compass and Ellian's Material Detector
  • Any minimap mods with player detection, cave mapping, ore detection, etc.
  • Player radars
  • Autoclicker mods or macros
  • Aimbotting mods
  • Toggle-jump mods
  • Smart Moving Mod, or any other mods that affect movement behavior
  • Inventory Tweaks, or any other auto-reloading mods
  • Zyin's HUD
  • Gammabright
  • ControlPack
  • Zombe's Modpack
  • VoxelBox
  • Spoutcraft
  • Nodus
  • Platinum client
  • Macro/Keybind Mod
  • World Downloader
  • Click Mining Fix
  • Tablet/Phone chat applications such as MineChat or Minecraft Chat. None of these apps implement the full Minecraft protocol and cause a large number of errors in the chat window of staff. They're all unofficial third party applications which require your Mojang or Minecraft account details and as such, can not be guaranteed to be secure.

Relevant Rules

From the Rules page, under the Universal rules:

Players using modifications to change gameplay may be asked to stop, kicked, or banned with little or no warning depending on the severity of the situation. This includes, but is not limited to: noclip, invincibility, speed modification, xray/ore-detection, and duping hacks.

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