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DjentleGiant likes to take care of business with friends.
Authority Moderator
Favorite server PvE
Joined PVE Rev 14
Left Tomorrow

DjentleGiant (formerly BigPianist) is a PVE player on He first checked out the server in November of 2014 and is now a daily player.


Rev 14

DjentleGiant first began playing Minecraft earlier in 2014 and, in the month of November, converted from an Xbox 360 player and started playing Minecraft on PC exclusively. Due to this, he had no idea how to play on a PVE server. After building a cobble hut in the center of Rose and subsequently getting scolded by an angery Flumper, DjentleGiant met Player:Crusader1405:Crusader1504 and became his indentured digger.

Rev 15

Having developed a fascination with CARBON during Rev 14, DjentleGiant enlisted with CARBON, offering his unskilled labor. During this time DjentleGiant became friends with el_luchissimo (now Player:Pohtaytoes), a fellow unskilled CARBON laborer. DjentleGiant and Pohtaytoes toiled away, harvesting the requisite spruce, iron, gold, and redstone needed for CARBON. When he wasn't working on CARBON, Djentle worked on a hideous house in the south built almost entirely out of spruce logs.
DjentleGiant's Rev15 house
DjentleGiant's hideous Rev15 house
. DjentleGiant also worked on creating a cave spider grinder near his house but ultimately destroyed the cave spider spawner in a fit of rage.
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