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Arguably one of the more fabulous players on PvE.
Authority Moderator
Favorite server PvE
Joined 3/1/15 (PvE Rev 15)

iNerd71 is a player on He joined near the beginning of PvE Rev 15 and has been fairly active since then. He may not always say much in chat, but that's because he usually doesn't know what to say. Still, he does try to be somewhat active in chat if he's not too busy working on a build and can often be found in Mumble. iNerd71 officially became a moderator in late September 2016, near the end of PvE Rev 18. He can currently be found managing Argoth.



Rev 15

This was iNerd71's first rev! He joined very early in the revision and ended up making a treehouse in the small settlement of Klondike out in the Far East. Later, he would go on to build a large yellow mansion in the city of Yowie and ended up building a large replica of Smith Tower near the end of the rev. To this day, that tower remains the largest thing he has built on the server.

Rev 16

In Rev 16, iNerd71 helped co-found the town of Clearmont at the East portal and made an apartment building. (That barely anyone used.) He also built a fancy little rail station. iNerd71's actions were not limited to Clearmont, though. He also built a windmill in Yowie, complete with a noteblock rendition of the Song of Storms from Zelda. Late in the revision, he would end up joining Argoth and make an inn/tavern with a secret brothel. He also constructed a fitness center and swimming pool in Argoth's underground bunker complex to finish off the revision.

Rev 17

iNerd71 started this revision off at the N.E.A., excited to finally experience the fun he had missed out on in Rev 14. Early on, he ended up making a large stone apartment building in Yowie, and occasionally worked on a small motel in Argoth.

Unfortunately, the N.E.A. kind of died out, so he ended up making his main projects down in Clearmont. His main house, which was partially based on Sapphric's house from the last rev, was somewhat compact yet livable. He also built a clockwork rail station, and later made a hot springs, which remains one of his favorite projects that he has done on the server.

Rev 18

This rev, iNerd71 primarily built with Clearmont and built a long rail station with an elytra tower built-in; iNerd71's home was on the second floor of the building. He also went on to build the witch grinder and the ghast grinder. Late in the revision, he ended up building a second hot springs at the foot of the large volcano just northeast of Clearmont. He also made a windmill in Argoth similar to the one he built in Rev 16.

iNerd71 also officially joined staff towards the end of the rev, and has been one since.

Rev 19

This rev started out with iNerd71 building a third hot springs in Clearmont, complete with multiple levels of ponds. He started out well, but ultimately got burned out on working on it when he realized the area where he was building the main building was too small, and that it wasn't turning out right. Additionally, iNerd71 had gotten hooked on playing Feed the Beast with some other player, and was ultimately absent for most of the middle of the rev. He still wishes he could have done more this revision, but oh well. He later became fully active again near the end of the rev to assist with next rev's spawn.

Rev 20

Clearmont was absent this rev, so iNerd71 ended up building in Avalon this time. Here, his main project was another attempt at a hot springs, this time with a giant boiler. He also participated in many quests for the Adventurer's Guild, taking him all across the map.

Rev 21

This rev, iNerd71 settled in Argoth, where he designed a large government building. For much of the rev, he took over most of the building projects in Argoth, effectively becoming a de facto leader of the city as the town's leader, Socarch26, became inactive. He also built an Argothian nuclear attack submarine stationed in the oceanic city of Venice. As a personal challenge, iNerd71 went this entire revision without using elytra.

Rev 22

iNerd71 continued to manage Argoth this revision, where he chose a desert theme based around a socialist oil-drilling city built on top of ancient sandstone ruins. The town ended up settling in a large desert in the NE corner of the map.

Rev 23

With 1.13 finally adding a decent amount of water content,iNerd71 felt it was only appropriate to have Argotb in the ocean this time around, being located on a derelict platform just north of Spawn. The theme this rev is to have a super-dense mass of buildings haphazardly connected together on said platform, which iNerd has frequently described as "Kowloon at Sea." He has also constructed the Temple of the Egg in the ancient town of Chicken Itza, as side project that is totally unrelated to Argoth in any way, shape or form. There are rumors of mysterious radio signals being picked up near the temple...


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