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Nickeox's current skin.
wearing a cta pin on his suitcoat.
Authority Moderator
Favorite server Creative
Joined early Late 2010
Left 3/12/15

nickeox is a minecrafter who is most always happy to be minecrafting, and enjoys to being helpful to others.



Nickeox initially joined during rev 10 of creative due to a friends suggestion. He didn't make a return until rev 12 of creative where he became majorly interested in the CTA.

During the course of rev 12, he eventually met Excellblue, biiaru, and Adequate forming the company known as "the road crew" where we built necessary roads on that and revs following.

Nickeox's efforts did not go to waste, on rev 14 of creative, the CTA and CRC(formerly known as "the road crew") had merged and Nickeox got into management of the CTA doing major construction on the rails along with several other people. This taught Nickeox the true meaning of teamwork and leadership which made him feel excellent in a time when he IRL was not.

For revs following Nickeox made himself involved in the building of the rail system. Until his unfortunate temporary disappearance in rev 18. Only making few visits each rev until the end of rev 23 where his activity returned to full strength, contributing in part to various rev 24's projects.

Here he is Completing a grief modreq on a statue of player:


Notable Builds

Built alone

Built with others

  • CRC HQ (rev. 12-14)
  • CRC roads (rev. 12-14, as CTA roads 15-17)
  • CTA spawn station (rev. 14-16)
  • CTA HQ (rev. 13-16)
  • CTA Tracks (rev. 12-17)
  • City of Mira (rev. 24)
  • Spleef (rev. 24-25)
  • Party Basement (rev. 24)
  • Walmart (rev. 24)
  • CTA blue line (rev. 24)
  • Reddit Railroad (rev. 25)

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This user is a Minecrafter.
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