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Favorite server PvE
Joined During PvE r6

Zburdsal is a player mainly focused on the PvE server and lives most commonly in seneca.


Revision 6 projects

I lived in seneca this rev and mostly helped with spawn rails back when Totemo was more open to allowing us to work on those. In addition I worked on the uber project for this revision.

Revision 7 projects

I moved to Argoth this revision and helped flood the canals of Argoth. I then build a large tree farm there and a farm on the outskirts of town with Winterviolet. After an update allowing the world height to grow to 256m was placed in mid-rev, I attempted to build a tower that size and it was eventually planned to be the location of the first UMC, however it was too late in the rev and the building was never finished, causing the UMC to be pushed back to revision 8.

Revision 8 projects

In this revision from the start Nosirrom, Zuziza, and I worked on the first UMC. I mainly forcused on the hotels, of which one of the four towers went unfinished due to the massive sign of the build. I also worked on the largest library (as of rev13) this server has ever seen, placed underground in the center of the four hotel towers.

Revision 9 projects

In this revision, Zuziza and I worked on the next UMC and built a large building outside of spawn. I mainly just did this the entire revision, but it was quite an impressive build.

Revision 10 projects

I didn't play much this revision due to school getting in the way, however I did join and build a small house in Bromgoth.

Revision 11 projects

This time I went again to Seneca, although I did often visit it in other revisions. I attempted to build a sky city as part of Seneca but it was poorly received due to its size and proximity to Seneca Proper. I eventually dug around the map edge digging about 76 doublechests of stone and giving it to Seneca for use in public builds. I then went on to farm in seneca for the rest of the revision.

Revision 12 projects

I again joined Seneca this revision, although I also moved around a lot. I built some in the financial district in the form of an iron grinder and helped build a large sugarcane farm with Jllmprrt. I also attempted to build a 127m diamter sphere in Argoth that rev but due to complications schematica not updating it went unfinished. I then went on to work in that revision's uber with Schererererer and Therandomnatrix, removing over 200,000 stone and helping through chest organization as well.

Revision 13 projects

Now in revision 13, I joined Brom in the beginning and dug and built and eventually made a massive farm that contained over 14,000 farmland blocks and hundreds of trees. However, as the Bromulains became less and less active I moved away, in search of ther projects. I eventually found home outside of Seneca, making my most ambitious project in terms of size, a 250m diameter sphere of stained white glass. As of the time of writing this im 26 days into the project and have removed, according to my statistics page, 590,000 stone. I have one quadrant done to 92y and am starting the second one today. Throughout this I have also visited Solace extensively and now call it my true home, for its vast markets and helpful citizens. I've made hundreds of thousands of trades there and unlocked hundreds of villagers as well. I think I may go with them next rev, whenever that is.

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