Light Blue Line

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Light Blue Line
Runs Loop along the edge of the map
Primary Hubs Gundam's Funland
Notable Stations Southeast Station

The Light Blue Line is a Creative Transit Authority public minecart line under construction that is planned to form a giant loop along the boundary of the Creative server map.


  • two stations (as of 29 January):
    1. Gundam's Funland Station
    2. Southeast Station (x: 1997 z:-1997)
  • construction began around 26 January
  • travel time: approx. 8 minutes (as of 29 January)
  • distance: approx. 4000 blocks (as of 29 January; anticipated length is about 16,000 blocks)
  • connecting to: Red Line at Gundam's Funland Station

How to find the Light Blue Line

From Spawn, take the Red Line south as far as it goes and then climb the tall ladder. At the moment there is also a warp point to this location called /warp lightblueline.

Notable structure along the line

The Light Blue Line is almost entirely high above the ground making it relatively scenic. As this line is far from spawn however, much of the nearby territory is as yet undeveloped.

Future plans

As of 29 January the Light Blue Line is roughly 25% complete.

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