Pink Line

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Pink Line
Runs North-South (Baseball Field - New Reddit City)
Primary Hubs CTA Tower
Notable Stations Baseball Field Station, Coastline Station

The Pink Line is a Creative Transit Authority public minecart line in the western part of the Creative server. It starts on the Western road hub station and goes above level south across the lake to New Reddit City. It serves as a fast connection from NRC to western neighborhoods and future plans call for extending the line in north-south direction depending on the surrounding development.

One small branch of the line goes opposite of the main direction towards north, takes you over bridge across the small lake to the Baseball Field.


  • three stations, one main line and one branch
  • constructed and finished on 20st of January 2011
  • length: approximately 680 blocks as of 26 January — the shortest of the functional lines
  • travel time: -needs to be measured-
  • number of boosters: 4-5

How to find the Pink Line

Take the Blue Line west from spawn and exit at the transfer station below CTA Headquarters. Exit the station and find the entrance on West road. South side takes you to New Reddit City and north side goes to Baseball Field Station. If you're in New Reddit City, from warp take the Purple Line or walk towards the northern city border. Stations aren't visible due to high buildings in front but don't worry they're there.

Interesting structures along the line

This line is currently completely above ground, much of it high above ground, so you can enjoy the nice and calm scenery of western neighborhoods. Also, going to NRC gives you a lovely view of New Reddit City with Pandora Islands on the left. The section of track between the Baseball Field and the CTA Multiplex is the only track where a crossover occurs, and most of the ride is taken on the left track. Please note that in the station, you should still take the right side track when you depart.

Future plans

There are no current constructions on the line but in future line should cover western part of server connecting north and southwest.

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